Make Resident Experience Stand out in Your
The best of Community Engagement now in Your Branding!
80% + Adoption among Residents
More residents get to experience your Services leading to better Loyalty for your Brand!
Always Fresh - Constant Upgrades
All the upgrades which are added to ADDA App, are also rolled out for your White Labelled App
Knight Frank Connect App
80% Adoption
Knight Frank Connect has successfully rolled out a unique resident experience, bringing in greater convenience to their Residents and freeing up their site staff from various operational work, giving them ability to focus on various resident engagement and strategic business activities.
Embassy Residential App
92% Adoption
Embassy Group is one of the largest Developers & Asset Managers. The White Labelled App helped them stand out from other builders in providing a smart living experience to their residents. Embassy Group also have their own Services which they wanted to promote to their residents. Being able to place these services right in the hands of residents was also greatly beneficial to them.

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