An App that is "USEFULL" for Owners/Residents

The Phone screen is our default go-to screen for Information! This powerful Mobile App becomes the one go-to App for Residents - a GameChanger in the way HOAs keep Residents updated! No wonder it is called a SuperApp!

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All-Channel Announcements!
Keep Residents always up-to-date with important Announcements.
Choose recipients as per requirements (Send only to Owners, only to Community members who live here, etc.)
Residents can choose to get notified via Phone App and SmartWatch in addition to Emails & Texts
All Announcements are neatly organised on the App/Portal for Owners/Tenants to look-up at their own convenience.
AI powered HelpDesk
A complete Ticketing System, Super Easy for Residents to ask a question or lodge a work request with the HOA office!
Provide feedback on work requests by giving ratings on the quality of service received
Attach Images for faster resolution
Fully Interactive, see Comments from HOA office, update your comments, pay any Bills related to the Work Request and more!
Statement of Accounts and Complete Transparency
Residents can bid goodbye to the anxiety of being late with HOA assessments and other charges! More so, if you have multiple properties or are living away from your Property, ADDA makes it super easy to manage all things financial right from the App
View Invoices, make Payments via ACH, Debit Card, Credit Card, receive immediate Receipts, all done!
Have real time access to your Account Statements for your Property/properties
My Unit
Who said an HOA app cannot be useful for your Property Level information?
Add other Users from your Unit, HOA can approve
Add or remove Vehicles, Register Pets
Store Unit specific documents you wish to share with HOA (e.g. Deed of Ownership)
Neighborhood Offers
Did we say ADDA was USEFULL? Bring your Community Yard Sale online, anytime!!!
Sell or Donate your preloved items in just a few taps
Books, Furniture, Home Decor and more..
Ability to find Services offered by Neighbors like Music Classes, Pet Sitting, Gardening Workshops, etc.
Private Social Network
For Communities that love to interact with Neighbours! A private and secure platform to make Community Living a lot more fun!
Share local information and photos with Neighbors, preserve memories of Community Events
Run easy Polls before conducting Events (interested in watching rugby world cup in community theatre? Yes/No)
Event Calendar and Amenity Reservations
RSVP for the new Yoga Class in the Clubhouse, Book the Pickleball Court, Purchase the Ticket for the Halloween Ball - all right from your Mobile App!
Information about all Community Activities are available on App
Ability to indicate interest/participation for various events and activities & make payments as required, Store Event Photos in Albums, Conduct Polls/Surveys for Event feedback
View availability of common facilities, book and make payments
If you have read this far, you know we've got the most USEFULL Community App..Here's more it offers
Invite guests from the ADDA App
Easy access to HOA Restrictions, never miss out on a Violation alert!
Fill Community Application forms Online, make Payments for relevant applications
Directory of neighbors, Emergency numbers.
Smart Access Control from right inside the ADDA App
Community Documents Repository

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