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100% Touch less Assessment/ Billing Collection and Accounting
Achieve on time & smooth billing with automated invoicing with pre-configured formulae for calculating Assessment Dues or Rentals as applicable.
Achieve on time & smooth billing with automated invoicing, powered by pre-configured formulae for calculating Assessment Dues or Rentals as applicable.
Integrated Payment Gateway, gives residents multiple choices for payments.
Instant receipts are generated.
Online Defaulter Follow-up options help Increase your Collection.
Automated Accounting entries for payments.
Integrated with all Community Payment options - Violations, Amenity Booking, etc.
Manage Collections from Non-Members (outsiders) separately from Community Members
Expense Tracker
Are your Colllections making up for your Expenses? What are the areas of maximum spend? Get visibility into all your expenses and and reach accounting Nirvana with our Expense Management module.
Complete Management of Vendors, vendor database
Manage Vendor Invoicing and Payments, Bulk Upload Expenses
Budgeting and Extensive Expense Reports
Create, maintain and track Anual Maintenance Contracts - Never miss out on important dates like contract expiries and payment and service dues
Budget Controls
Create budgets for your expenses and also set up budget related controls, to achieve effective expense management in your Community.
Budget and Variance warnings/alerts in Expense Modules
Exhaustive reports on comparison of PRs, POs and Expenses with Budget, and respective variances.
Put restrictions on Expenses when there is variance from Budget
Purchase to Pay Workflow
ADDA has an integrated platform that simplifies the entire purchase to pay process
Set the level of approvals required and assign the approvers for the PR, PO, Payment Approvals
Create & Manage all expense related instruments
Purchase Requests (PR), Purchase Orders (PO), Goods Receipts/Service Receipts (GR/SR), Invoice, Collections
Trial Balance & Financial Statements
Comprehensive overview of the finances of HOA. Make informed decisions to optimise Income and minimise costs
For Residential Communities / HOAs:
Transparent, real-time trial balance, financial statements
Book Closing, Multi-Entity Bookkeeping, Automated as well as manual Journal Entries.
Seamlessly Integrated
ADDA Books seamlessly integrates with multiple systems to provide a end-to-end comprehensive experience to Owners/Tenants and also Community/Property Managers
Integrates with ADDA App - with seamless publishing of dues, automated entries on payments
Integrates with Corporate Accounting - Quickbooks, SAP, Oracle.
Integrates with major ERP & CAFM tools via CSV uploads.

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