Better Living Experience for Residents. Visitors carry back a Great Impression
Your Community might be gated or having a manned Front Desk, ADDA Gatekeeper opens up grand possibilities by connecting the Gate with the Owners/Residents as well as Association Office
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Invite Guests
Provide the ability to Owners/Residents to extend a warm welcome to their Visitors by Inviting them through the ADDA App.
Share Parking information, location of Community and/or property
Shareable Private Code for seamless entry of Visitors
Create Recurring Invitation for Visitors
Incident reporting & Wrong Parking Look Up
The Gatekeeper App enables the Property Management staff to be able to report various incidents easily from the App, and also have useful Community information available to them to help proactively resolve incidents, while keeping the privacy of residents intact
Visibility into Vehicle and Parking Slot data on the go
Ability to contact residents to help sort out Parking related issues
Ability to quickly report incidents around the Community via Voice Recordings, etc.
Parcel management
Smartly deal with deliveries. From arrival to pickup, track packages/ parcels for your Residents and free up your security or front desk team
Have an digital record of every delivery
Residents are kept informed via App about deliveries recieved by your mail room or front desk
Secure pickup features to ensure that the right person picks up the right package

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