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Central Data Base of Units/ Owners
As an HOA Board Member, Community or Property Manager, this module will help you manage all Units & Users data from one Single bird's eye view!
Centrally Control Access for all Board Members & Office Staff
Send Broadcasts to Owners/Tenants
Drive Adoption through Smart Actions and Analytics
Communications, Forms, Surveys
Be it Announcements related to Community Celebrations or Important Community updates, or Surveys for Feedback, easily reach out to Owners/Tenants using our Communication Module
Send out Announcements through Emails, App Notifications and Posts in Owner/Tenant App
Create Surveys for collecting data, detailed feedback related to Issues, Events or Vendors
Create Forms for collecting Requests from Owners / Tenants for Clubhouse Access, Parking Access, etc.
Move In/Move Out
No more visits to Association Office or back and forth between Property/Community Management teams and Owners/Tenants who are moving in.
Easier for Property/Community Management teams to keep track, review and approve Move-Ins
Any Community Guidelines can be conveyed early on to the Move In Tenants/Owners
Save time with a convenient online move-In process
Ability to set up move-In/Out Checklists which ensures Admin team does not miss out on any to-do
Restrictions List and Violation Tracking
Manage harmonious living by helping your Owners/Tenants access Restrictions List at their fingertips and implementation of transparent and fair Violation Management
Create approval workflows for creation of Violations and Publishing them to residents
Configure system to generate Automated Warnings and Penalty, with Smart Checks as relevant
Give Owners/Tenants options to clear Violation Dues conveniently from App
ARC Request Management
With a structured Architecture Review process, give homeowners the tools they need to puruse their dreams and enjoy their living experience in a community association, while being under the Guidelines of the HOA
Set up forms for capturing different types of Architecture Change Requests
Set up the Review Committee members as Approvers for Architecture Review Requests
Owners can conveniently submit and provide comments on Architecture Requests from App
Internal Discussion forums, and Comments which can be published to Owners/Tenants
Work Order Management
Forget the hassles of manually managing maintenance complaints and escalations from Residents! Get the ability to Centrally track Complaints, Suggestions and Requests. Bring in Speedy Resolution of Issues resulting in Delight of Residents
Set up Task Owners, Timelines and Escalation Matrix
Directly raise invoices for relevant Work Orders
Work Order specific Internal discussion forums for Admins
Send responses which directly gets published to Owners/Tenants along with Email & App Notifications
Asset & Inventory Management
With this One Central Module, now maintain details of all Assets and Inventory for the HOA or Property. Save thousands in repair costs, increase longevity of assets and add value to the property.
List Assets and Inventory and manage their Stock levels for HOAs
Set up Maintenance Reminders, maintain related Documents, Service History, Complaints Record
Amenity Reservation, Events Management
As Property Managers get the power of opening up your facilities for booking online - at the same time providing configurations and restrctions to allow for their fair usage. For Residents this provides Immense Convenience as they can easily check Availability and Book by making Payments Online where applicable.
Increase Revenue by avoiding ad-hoc booking requests
Publish Event details, give options to Residents to provide Interest or Participation Request
Configure Facilities based on hours/slots/days/nights
Options for bookings which are Paid/Free/Has Refundable Deposit
Use Advanced configurations like - Prime Slots, Facility Groups, Owner Restrictions, Time Calendar Restrictions, Same Day Restrctions and more!
Online Voting, AGMs/Meeting Management
Provide outstanding experience and convenience to your Owners/Tenants, while freeing up your Property Management team from manual processes by adopting modern, App based Votings for Board Elections/AGMs and Internal Meeting Management
Online Elections
Set up Election Nominees and enable App based voting
Association Meetings
Ability to set up board meetings,AGMs, automated calculations of verdicts based on configured majority types
Easily send out invites, AGM summaries, proxy forms and more!
Internal Meeting Management
Manage Internal meetings, take & circulate MoMs, reports
Automatic Email and SMS Reminders
Document Management
Store documents online, publish relevant documents to Owners/Tenants making information proactively available to them, and save hours answering phone calls/visits from Owners/Tenants
Central storage space for all property, association, resident related documents
Publish and send notifications to Owners/Tenants as required
Reports & Central Command Center
Whether you are managing a single HOA or multiple Properties/Communities, take better decisions with ADDA's advanced analytics. ADDA offers over 150+ comprehensive reports available to HOA Boards/Community/Property Managers, as well as for single click publishing to Residents.
Get visibility into statistics & derive actionable insights
If you are managing multiple Communities/Properties, get a birds eye view of all your portfolio through the Central Command Center
Set up rules on various metrics and get alerts when any particular item needs your attention
ADDA Community Manager App
If you are a Community Manager in a HOA or Residential Association or a HOA board member, this is a must have App for you.
Get real time view on open Helpdesk Requests from Owners/Tenants, respond to requests and more!
View and Approve Join requests of new members to your Community
Send reminders to Assessment Fee Defaulters
Raise, approve Purchase Requests
Create Meetings, Send out invites, Take notes on Meetings
Verify Facility usage by getting a View into the bookings of Facilities
Send out Annoucements to Owners/Tenants on the go

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