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ADDA is for the Management Committee, it's for Residents, it's for Security. It’s a One-Stop Solution for all.

Nicole Tyler

Kingfield OAM

ADDA is in the pocket of our Owners today. In a click, they have all the information they want to see. ADDA has been a great comfort and we have saved a lot of time. The phone doesn’t ring anymore with queries so we have a lot of time to focus on real improvements & projects instead of being on calls all day!

Geraldine Hill

Kazba Syndic

I personally acknowledge ADDA’s diligence in continuously evolving the product based on challenges that we face in day-to-day running the apartment complex maintenance operations

Rajeev Singh

Purva Riviera

Good App. All matters related to community in one place. Also, you can find unique services in Discover marketplace. Member list shows the owners and tenants in the unit. Makes one feel at home, connected with the community!

Sudhir Krishanan

The Imperial Condominium

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So what does ADDA mean?
In South Asian Languages, “ADDA” is any popular hangout-of friends or neighbours. It could be a bench in the park , a cafe or simply a fence by which hank hill & his neighbours met!
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